How Do Solar Christmas Lights Work?

Christmas lights Phoenix

If you are like lots of folks, the bad dream of putting together lights at Christmas is still fresh in your memory. Not just do you need to untangle these bundles of lights each year however then you need to hassle with electrical cables, outside outlets or running the power cable into your house. In general, it can be a really troublesome experience.

Nevertheless, today you can buy solar Christmas lights Phoenix that will look after much of the issue. These fantastic lights do not need outlets or tangles of cables to operate correctly.

Solar Christmas lights come totally geared up with a little photovoltaic panel that you put in a bright spot of your backyard. In this regard, they work similar to solar powered lights for your garden. This power is then held in a battery to light the solar Christmas lights when the sun goes down. The PV solar panel normally comes along with an integrated sensing unit that will turn your lights on and off for you.

Solar Panel

The source of power for your solar lights is naturally the sun. Nevertheless, the possible energy from the sun’s rays need to be acquired and after that kept for later usage. This is the intention and function of the photovoltaic solar panel. When you consider photovoltaic panels you might want big arrays that individuals have actually set up on the roofing of their houses or companies, while the two are comparable in the process the PV cell for your solar Christmas lights is nowhere near that big.

Inside these PV cells is the semiconductor component, for example, silicon that soaks up the energy from the sun. This creates a great deal of electron motion along the circuit within the panel, producing electrical energy. Nevertheless, that electrical power requires someplace to go, and battery storage is the very best choice.


Essentially, your photovoltaic panel is connected to a nickel-metal hydride, NiMH, battery through a diode. The captured electrical energy then streams from the panel into the battery for later use. This procedure will continue as long as the sun is shining on the solar batteries.

Normally speaking, the batteries that come along with these systems are rated for around 16 hours of use. Nevertheless, if you have a cloudy or overcast day and the sun does not produce a great deal of energy you can look forward to around 8 hours worth of charge.

Most of the times that is still more than sufficient charge for the lights – that is except if you intend to keep up all night checking out them!

Christmas lights Phoenix

Sensing unit

Built into the system is a sensing unit that diagnoses light levels, as it starts to get dark outside this sensing unit will set off a controller board which will turn your lights on up until the sun rises the next morning.


Though solar Christmas lights might appear like a unique idea, photovoltaic panels themselves have actually remained in usage for several years in small applications. Simply take a look at your calculator, they have actually been solar energy for a year or much better!

Christmas lights powered by solar power offer you a cost-effective means to do a little something for the environment while sparing you a lot of headaches this holiday season.

How Solar Christmas Lights Work