What to Check if Your Garage Door Won’t Open All the Way

What to Check if Your Garage Door Won’t Open All the WayFew things can be more disruptive to your day than a garage door that is stuck. Unfortunately, most home owners will deal with this problem eventually, but diagnosing the cause isn’t always easy. If you’re facing this predicament, the garage door repair Cedarburg WI experts have some things to look for if your garage door won’t open all the way.

Diagnosing Garage Door Problems

  1. Check the Photo Eye

What to Check if Your Garage Door Won’t Open All the Way

A common cause of malfunctioning garage doors is blocked sensors and photo eyes. These sensitive sensors sit approximately 4-6 inches off the ground and are designed to keep the door from opening and closing if objects are in the way. To check the eyes, inspect the sensors and make sure there isn’t anything blocking the path between them. Also, be sure to clean the sensors periodically so they continue to function optimally.

  1. Inspect the Remote Control

A faulty remote control could be behind your garage door problems. While they do last quite a long time, remote control batteries won’t be good forever. You can test the batteries at a local hardware store and replace them there if necessary. However, if the garage won’t open with a switch wired to the wall, it won’t matter if the batteries are good or not.

  1. Garage Doors Are Off Track

What to Check if Your Garage Door Won’t Open All the WayA garage door could be off its tracks if it’s having issues working properly. A door that is off track may make loud noises or fail to run as smooth as it once did. Unless you are trained in working on garage doors, you should make sure the area around the door is clear until a repair technician can arrive to your home or office. Keep pets and children away from the door until it can be fixed.

  1. Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken garage door springs are one of the most common reasons a door won’t open. Springs will break at some point because they are only designed to work properly a certain number of times. Repair companies change out hundreds of springs a year, that’s why it’s best to contact professionals instead of attempting to fix the problem on your own.

  1. Other Troubleshooting Tips

If you’ve inspected the garage and none of the above issues have caused the problem, here are some other troubleshooting tips. Check the main power source running to the opener. Inspect the garage door cables, as they could be broken or slid off the track. In some cases, the user may have locked the unit or activated the disconnect switch, or the door’s sensitivity is out of alignment.